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Russian cylinders LLC invites you to visit our stand at exhibitions SPIGF-2017 and GasSUF-2017

The Russian cylinders Company invites you to visit the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF), which will be held in St. Petersburg in EXPOFORUM, Peterburgskoe shosse, 64/1, pavilion F, on October 03-06 2017, and the 15-th Anniversary international exhibition of NGV and refueling equipment GasSuf-2017 Exhibition in Moscow, Sokolniki Exhibition Center, pavilion 4, October 17-19, 2017.
The exhibition will demonstrate a line of innovative gas transport solutions for the transportation and storage of natural and industrial gases in a compressed state:
- MOBIGAS - mobile gas storage, which allows to transport and store gases in a compressed state;
- GASDOCKER - mobile gas transport system consisting of several specialized dock-containers of increased capacity and a dock-semi-trailer capable of replacing empty containers without the use of cranes or specialized reloading terminals;
- GASLINER is a mobile gas filling system designed to provide motor vehicles with gas engine fuel and allows the simultaneous refueling of a significant number of vehicles.

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